Partner network

Strong Partners - Ensuring that Your Event is Impeccable in Every Aspect

We have strong partners who specialize in event technology, catering, and design at each of our locations. We're happy to coordinate with them to ensure that every aspect of your event meets your expectations.

Our partners at the Lufthansa Aviation Training Center in Frankfurt

As a destination management company, ProToura grants you access to the enchanting world of aviation and aerospace. We invite you to collaborate with your preferred suppliers for catering, furniture, and decoration for your event at the simulator hall. The following partners are well acquainted with us and will gladly aid you with additional arrangements.

Palast Promotion

Palast Promotion is a premier experience design agency for delivering brand messages, kick-offs, trade fairs, or supporting programs for congresses. Since 2009, Palast Promotion has been on board with ProToura at the forefront of providing top-notch solutions for all your event ideas.

Taste of Now

"Taste of Now" offers a delightful culinary experience with innovative concepts and delectable cuisine, tailored to your brand, products and employees. Their communal dining and beverage ideas narrate stories, providing a one-of-a-kind gastronomic entertainment.

Kofler & Kompanie

Kofler & Kompanie is dedicated to creating culinary experiences that perfectly complement your event's theme and atmosphere. Whether it's a glamorous gala, innovative pop-up, private party, rustic cottage romance, opulent nostalgia, reinterpretation of past decades, or purist business design, their chefs are always eager to be inspired by the event's overall concept. However, they are only content when ingredients and preparation techniques meet the highest standards. They take pride in sourcing fresh, regional products and working with local producers to create innovative and surprising culinary visions that blend tradition and zeitgeist seamlessly.


The Frankfurt-based event agency IdeenReich! - Agentur für Eventmanagement GmbH specializes in corporate events. Whether it's conferences, kick-offs, traditional evening events, unique team-building activities, summer parties or Christmas celebrations, IdeenReich! can bring any event to life. From the initial concept and planning to flawless execution, IdeenReich! handles every aspect of your event with passion, dedication, and maximum efficiency. Its partner, the technology company MedienReich! Gesellschaft für professionelle Eventtechnik mbH, ensures that technical requirements are met smoothly and without any hitches. With its proven track record of successful events at the extraordinary Lufthansa Aviation Training Center Frankfurt, IdeenReich! is the perfect partner for organizing your event.

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