Our new MobiCo©: The mobile eVTOL Mixed Reality Simulator

A highlight for your event and a fascinating insight into the future of aviation.

A crowd-puller at any event: your guests will take off on a virtual sightseeing tour with our MobiCo© eVTOL MR Simulator. "eVTOL aircraft," or electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft, is the term used to describe the future flight devices, also known as air taxis, which fly similarly to a helicopter or drone – and fully electric. The compact simulator with Mixed Reality technology can be excellently integrated into any trade fair and event format, offering an absolutely immersive experience through a full-motion system, fully operable haptics, and virtual environment representation with VR goggles.
Impress your event attendees with the extraordinary experience of futuristic flight by showcasing our MR eVTOL simulator. Your guests will have the opportunity to take the helm of the flying taxi themselves, guided by experienced pilots from takeoff to landing. The authentic cockpit instruments and full-motion system provide an immersive representation of the virtual environment, perfectly simulating the experience of a real flight. The simulator offers a wide range of environments, including night flights, rain, and intense turbulence, which can be adjusted to suit your guests' preferences. While one participant takes the controls, onlookers can watch the flight from various perspectives on screens in real-time, heightening the excitement and cheering on the pilot. Prepare for an unforgettable flight experience that will leave your guests breathless!

Good to know:

Our MobiCo© is typically operated by two pilots: one flies with the guests, while the other answers questions about the future of aviation. It is not a closed box - even bystanders can catch a glimpse of the cockpit. The mobile simulator is perfect for use at trade shows, corporate events, open houses, and many other types of gatherings.

Technical Data:

The complete system comes with a motion system and requires a floor space of 4.00m x 3.00m, a height of 2.80m, and weighs approximately 800 kg. It requires power connections of 380 V & 220 V / 16A. Additional areas include control and external monitors (2 x 65" flat screens), which can be adjusted as needed.

The system is also available without motion, allowing it to fit through many doors and into various rooms. The cockpit measures 1.50m x 1.80m with a height of 1.20m, and requires a power connection of 220 V / 16 A. Additional areas include control and external monitors (2 x 65" flat screens), which can be adjusted as needed.


Especially suitable for:

Trade fairs
Evening events

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