Evening Event

Time to Fly and Celebrate

Looking for a chance to connect and celebrate with your clients in a comfortable and relaxed setting? Perhaps you're attending a trade show in the Rhine-Main area and want to have more focused conversations with potential clients in the evening? If so, our "Time to Fly and Celebrate" evening event package is the perfect fit for you!

The Exquisite Venue for Your Event

We offer the distinguished Lufthansa Aviation Training Center Frankfurt as an exclusive venue, along with our cutting-edge MobiCo© - the mobile eVTOL Simulator. Moreover, we manage all the logistics in collaboration with your chosen caterer and one of our two professional event technology partners, who will artfully design the simulator hall for your business. Upon arrival, your guests will be cordially welcomed and treated to a lavish first-course, before our authentic Piper Cheyenne cockpit simulator awaits for an enthralling "sightseeing flight". One pilot will accompany a guest in the cockpit, while the second pilot will be available to answer questions from the other guests. Further, an outside view of the "pilot's" maneuvers can be viewed in real-time on a separate monitor.

Good to know:

The venue boasts ample space, accommodating up to 400 guests with various seating arrangements along with our MobiCo® service. Our simulator hall is at your disposal for your evening celebration, starting from approximately 19:45/20:00 on weekdays. We are open to accommodating your requests for other days of the week or time slots upon request.


The cost for using the simulator hall and MobiCo® is approximately €18,000 - subject to availabilities and additional services.

Possibilities for an upgrade of the package "Time to fly and celebrate" are:

  • Experience: Safe Flying
  • Basic - Safety training in the cabin simulator
  • Tour of the A380 cabin simulator for insights into the world's largest passenger aircraft
  • Tour of the cockpit simulator for up to 140 people
  • Individual boarding passes
  • Hostesses
  • Transfer service

We offer the event "Evening event" at the following locations

You want even more experience?

All our events and event modules are modular and can be easily combined with each other. Make your company party, your event, or your team event unforgettable for all participants and guests.

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