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This package encompasses one of our most extraordinary highlights - a flight in one of our Full Flight Simulators. It serves as a unique reward for your employees or customers, allowing them to become a "Pilot for a Day" with us!
After a brief welcome, you will proceed to a comprehensive briefing with one of our airline pilots, providing you with an overview of the essential instruments and controls in the cockpit. This briefing forms the foundation for you to safely take off and land the aircraft as a simulator pilot.

Afterwards, your group will be split into smaller flight teams of up to 4 people. One group will take a guided tour behind the scenes, while the other group heads straight to the cockpit simulators. As soon as they are ready, it's "cleared for takeoff!" They'll rotate between the pilot, co-pilot, and observer seats to experience every aspect of flying.

To make sure that as many participants as possible can enjoy this unforgettable experience, the groups will switch roles afterwards. You can all reconvene in the briefing room for an opportunity to exchange ideas while our airline pilots prepare your personal flight certificates.

Duration and group size:

The availability of the "Incentive" package depends on the availability of cockpit simulators, as well as the time of day and location. This package is best suited for groups of up to 32 people in the evening at our largest location in Frankfurt. If additional events or meals are added, the number of participants can be increased. The program typically lasts for approximately 4 hours.


The cost of this package is approximately 5,700 € net for a group of up to 16 people, and may vary depending on location and specific customization requests.

Options for upgrading the "Incentive" package are:

  • Pilot lecture ("Expertise from over 10,000 meters altitude")
  • Experience: flying safely (Safety training in the cabin simulator)
  • A380 cabin simulator tour (Insight into the cabin of the world's largest passenger aircraft)
  • Airport tour
  • Transfer
  • Snack break or dinner in the service training area or in a meeting room.

We offer the event "Incentive" at the following locations
Frankfurt Munich Berlin Essen Vienna

(Location Vienna currently hardly available)

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