Leadership Training

A2B Decide – Decision-making seminar

Take advantage of the premium level of airline training through our business seminars. Making mistakes is natural and can occur. However, what if a single mistake, a moment of hesitation, or a slight misunderstanding can result in devastating consequences? No other industry has had to confront this critical issue as directly as aviation. In the past, serious air accidents were primarily caused not by technical errors, but by human error - often resulting from inadequate communication, conflicts of competence, and weak decision-making skills.

Since then, successful airlines, notably the Lufthansa Group, have developed concepts and techniques to enhance interpersonal skill training. This has led to the reduction of error rates caused by human factors. As a longstanding partner of Lufthansa Aviation Training, we now offer this unique expertise to all industries with A2B.

Our seminars provide a trusted environment that offers deep insights into the crew's work methods of a modern airline with an entirely different team and safety culture than those of a few decades ago. The entire seminar is characterized by an open exchange of ideas.

In the technically complex environment of a flight simulator, participants not only learn practical decision-making models but also reflect on their own behavior. Clear communication, working together as a team, and using all available resources are crucial to resolving time-critical situations. Through emergency exercises in the cabin simulator, participants learn how to use checklists in a structured manner and lead a group in stressful situations.

Through practical exercises, the theoretical knowledge we provide beforehands is strengthened to really click with your employees. All seminars take place at Lufthansa Aviation Training centers. Experienced human factor trainers and Lufthansa pilots convey the theoretical content and provide assistance during the exercises.

Benefit from the high standard of airline training and unlock the potential of your employees sustainably, goal-oriented, and with clear success.

Target group:

Our A2B business seminars are tailored for middle to senior management, decision-makers, and managing directors.

Number of participants:

Up to 16 people


A social scientist affiliated with Lufthansa Aviation Training, as well as a Lufthansa pilot will be present. Moreover, additional Lufthansa pilots and emergency trainers from Lufthansa Aviation Training will be available for the simulator sessions.


Two-day seminar including a dinner with the pilots.


Effective stress and decision management, as well as practical exercises in full flight and cabin simulators.


In-house training sessions can be arranged according to individual preferences and are subject to availability.


Training sessions and seminars are available in both German and English languages.

We offer the event "Leadership Training" at the following locations
Frankfurt Munich Vienna Berlin

(Vienna location: currently hardly any availability)
(Location Berlin: one-day seminar without cabin simulators)

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