Product presentation

Enhance the visibility of your brand

Would you like to showcase your latest product to your most valued customers in an exceptional setting? If so, we would be delighted to host you and your guests at one of the Lufthansa Aviation Training Centers, where we offer a range of options for your event. If you are looking for a larger space in the Frankfurt area or planning an evening event, our simulator hall would be ideal. This venue can accommodate up to 400 people and provide a perfect platform for presenting your products.
For a more intimate gathering, we can offer you the Management Conference Room with a picturesque view of the Simulator Hall. This room is perfect for groups of up to 20 people and exudes an exclusive atmosphere. We can arrange a sumptuous finger food buffet or snacks on the Visitors' Terrace, which provides an even more stunning perspective of the airline crew's training sessions.

In the afternoon, after your product presentation, we would like to invite you and your guests to partake in our alternative program: Behind the Scenes and Experience: Flying Safely. This program is designed for up to 20 participants. Additionally, we can accommodate larger groups of up to 40 people in one of our spacious meeting rooms.


The package is priced at approximately €5,400 net for a group of 20 people. This includes meeting catering with drinks, a finger food buffet, cake, sandwich halves, a service person, and bar tables, among other amenities.

Possibilities for an upgrade of the package "product presentation" are:

  • Exclusive pilot lecture by experienced airline pilot sharing insights from over 10,000 m altitude
  • Opportunity to experience a cockpit simulator with the guidance of an experienced airline pilot
  • A break for snacks or dinner at the service training area
  • An airport tour
  • Transportation provided for the tour.

We offer the event "Product presentation" at the following locations

At the locations Munich, Berlin, Vienna, and Bremen we can calculate the respective alternatives individually for you.

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