Lufthansa Aviation Training Center Frankfurt

Discover a hub of possibilities - your exclusive event venue in Frankfurt.

Experience an exceptional event venue in Frankfurt - the Lufthansa Aviation Training Center (LATC). One of the largest and most cutting-edge training facilities in the aviation industry worldwide, the LATC is situated at Frankfurt Airport, where it provides training to the cockpit and cabin crews of the Lufthansa Group and various international airlines. Beyond training hours, the LATC is a captivating location, tailor-made for exclusive corporate or team events. Our extensive range of unique event modules includes speciality trainings in cabin simulators, emergency training facilities and a virtual flight in a cockpit flight simulator, complemented by exquisite catering and a harmonious ambience, which together promise to sustainably captivate and motivate your customers and employees.

You have the option to rent these spaces:

Cabin simulators

Using the full motion system or without motion

More than 20 full flight simulators

Available for approximately 13 different aircraft types.

Simulator hall

The simulator hall stands as the centerpiece of the LATC, and can accommodate up to 400 people. Set against the backdrop of awe-inspiring cabin simulators and atmospheric lighting, the simulator hall serves as the perfect stage for your corporate event. Even the pool, typically used for emergency ditching exercises, can be integrated into your event layout.

Notably, the simulator hall can always be rented outside of training hours, available for evening rental during weekdays, and as early as afternoon rental on Saturdays, as well as full-day rental on Sundays and holidays.

Sea survival area

Typically reserved for emergency slide training, the marine distress area presents a unique perspective of the cabin simulators. Although it is part of the simulator hall, it can also be rented separately. In this regard, it serves as an ideal venue for an evening gathering of up to 80 people.

Service training area

Enjoy exceptional catering - served in exact replicas of an airplane cabin, providing a unique and immersive experience for your guests. Whether it's for a snack break or an evening event or meeting with up to 40 guests, our airplane cabin setups will create a memorable ambiance for your occasion.

Meeting room

Select from our range of elegant meeting rooms for hosting your lectures, seminars, or business meetings. Our rooms come in various sizes to accommodate your group's needs:

  • Small meeting rooms for up to 12 attendees
  • Medium-sized meeting rooms for up to 22 attendees
  • Large meeting rooms for up to 44 attendees
  • Executive conference room for up to 22 attendees
  • Conference room offering a stunning view of the cockpit simulators for up to 40 attendees

Our meeting rooms are fully equipped with essential facilities including projectors, projection screens, flipcharts, metaplan walls, and WLAN, to ensure a seamless and productive experience for you and your guests.

Events at the Training Center Frankfurt

You're interested in booking an exceptional program for your event? Whether as an opening act or a grand finale, these events will make your occasion truly extraordinary!

How can you make your company event truly thrilling?

Discover the possibilities! Customize your unique event by selecting from our diverse event modules or choose from our popular event packages to curate the perfect highlights for your esteemed guests and dedicated employees.

Lufthansa Aviation Training Center (LATC)
Lufthansa Aviation Training Center (LATC), Airportring, Tor 24, Building 391 und 392
60549 Frankfurt/Main


Lufthansa Aviation Training Center (LATC)

Lufthansa Aviation Training Center (LATC), Airportring, Tor 24, Building 391 und 392
60549 Frankfurt/Main

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