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With our Business Training A2B - Airline to Business - all companies can benefit from the aviation industry's experience and improve the overall decision making and leadership skills of their employees. Behind A2B are two companies which have been business associates for more than 15 years: Lufthansa Aviation Training and PRO TOURA. With the development of these innovative Business Seminars, both partners have pooled their competences and made their comprehensive expertise also available to other industries.

During  the Business Training Decide one needs to  make a decision in the cockpit-simulator during a very short periode of time. zoom
How to actually apply a life vest? How does an evacuationwork? Experience all this in the Business Training Fly.  zoom
Learn how a crew works together effectively.zoom

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One of the world’s leading providers of training for cockpit and cabin crews.

Lufthansa Aviation Training

All companies can benefit from the aviation industry's experience with A2B. 

Be a pilot for a day: ProFlight offers cockpit simulator flights for everyone.