Learn from the aviation during the A2B Business Trainings.

A2B Business Seminars

For clear structures and reliable decisions

With our Business Training A2B - Airline to Business - all companies can benefit from the aviation industry's experience and improve the overall decision making and leadership skills of their employees. Behind A2B are two companies which have been business associates for more than 15 years: Lufthansa Aviation Training and PRO TOURA. With the development of these innovative Business Seminars, both partners have pooled their competences and made their comprehensive expertise also available to other industries.


Our seminars

Business Seminar 01: DECIDE

Make secure decisions when pressed for time and in stressful situations: In this two day seminar your employees will get an insight into the airline world and optimize their stress and decision making management. Proven methods and techniques from cockpit trainings will be applied during the training and your employees will be shown how to retrieve and apply what they've learned to their professional lives. Practical exercises in full-flight cockpit and cabin simulators further reinforce the methods and techniques learned.

Business Seminar 02: LEAD

Self-leadership and team management: In this one day seminar, participants learn appropriate strategies to develop their personal leadership skills. You gain more clarity and confidence in dealing with changing situations and leading difficult team members. The knowledge acquired will be continuously applied to one's professional life. Practical experience in the cabin simulator will further reiterate the newly learned concepts and increase the individual's learning success.

Business Seminar 03: FLY

Knowledge creates understanding: This one day seminar provides frequent flyers with important information about aircraft technology and clearly explains the strong safety culture in aviation. Participants will improve their own flight knowledge and personal sense of security by taking part in practical emergency exercises carried out in a cabin simulator, such as using emergency slides to evacuate an aircraft.


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Walter Drasl
Walter Drasl
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Julia Hartl
Julia Hartl
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Our partners

One of the world’s leading providers of training for cockpit and cabin crews.

Lufthansa Aviation Training

All companies can benefit from the aviation industry's experience with A2B. 

Be a pilot for a day: ProFlight offers cockpit simulator flights for everyone.