MIG 25 in special model

Edge of Space Flight

To the middle of the stratosphere and back

Would you like to experience how it feels to see the world from outside – nothing above you except the infinitive darkness of outer space? PRO TOURA can help you to make your dream come true together with your guests: We enable you to experience a fantastic flight that only a few people are allowed to experience – in a high speed jet that brings you to a height of up to 23 kilometres.

In the complete package you stay in one of the best hotels in Niszhny Novgorod, the "Alexandrovsky Sad". Niszhny Novgorod (also known in Soviet times under the name of "Gorky") is situated 450 kilometres east of Moscow, in the European part of Russia. The next day you will start your flight adventure with a thorough medical check. After putting on the Flight-G pressure suit and the flight helmet, you will receive an extensive briefing. Afterwards, you will climb into the cockpit of a MiG-29 “Fulcrum” – and you will rise with an experienced military pilot to a height of 20 to 23 kilometres. Depending on the time of year, you can reach over Mach 2 – twice the speed of sound. You can see the earth below you with a horizon of up to 1,200 kilometres. The flight lasts about 45 – 55 minutes – it will probably be the most exciting three quarters of an hour of your life!

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At the edge of space - deep blue, almost black skyzoom
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The programme:

  • Transfer from your hotel to the "Sokol" Airbase
  • Personal guide on the day of the flight
  • Medical check
  • Pre-flight briefing
  • Provision of, and training with your flight equipment such as Flight-G pressure suit, helmet, oxygen mask, communication equipment and flight overall
  • Photos and videos of your training and your "Edge of Space Flight" (in HD quality)
  • Flight in a MiG-29 "Fulcrum" Edge of Space (approx. 45 - 55 minutes)
  • Debriefing with presentation of the official flight certificate
  • Visit to the "Sokol" Museum
  • Transfer from the "Sokol" Airbase back to your hotel

On request you can also book:

  • Force of gravity preparation training in the TSF-18 centrifuge
  • Zero gravity flight
    Stay and programme in Moscow



Your contact for “Edge of Space Flight”

Walter Drasl
Walter Drasl
Managing Director
Tel.: +49 421 - 24 133 11



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